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Left: Chelsea boots in Black by Zara, $99; Right: Suede chelsea boots in Navy by ASOS, $72.

Whatever happened to the idea of “stopping to smell the roses?” Nowadays people always seem to be in the fast lane of life, living through their screens and never looking up. Break this pattern, put down the phone, take a breath, and inhale the beauty of Fall.

It’s only once a year that leaves turn from forest greens to burnt oranges and beautiful auburns. Immerse yourself in autumn with long Sunday drives, watching your town’s local football team, and discovering the perfect old tavern. Capture all these moments while wearing your Chelsea Boots.

All about the details – Left: Solcova ankle boot in Dark Brown by Aldo, $120; Right: “Union” leather chelsea boots in Black by Topman, $160.

 Before the Chelsea Boot was the Chelsea Boot, Charles Goodyear’s patented vulcanized rubber in 1844. This led to Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, to invent the Paddock Boot. It was a unisex leather ankle boot that was distinguishable for its elastic side panel. Perfect for riding horses and Sunday strolls.

Fast forward to the mid-1950s where influential young artists frequented the King’s Road area in London, and were known as the “Chelsea Set.” Their taste in fashion was associated with the name “Chelsea,” which gave Chelsea Boots its name.

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Legends like The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and even characters in the film Star Wars have worn these boots. They are perfect with ripped skinny jeans, a tailored tweed suit, or a sweater with a leather jacket.

Brands like Hawking McGill, Florsheim, and Hudson have dusted off this timeless boot with new twists like brogue detailing, tassels, and suede materials.


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