Engineer Creates a Realistic Replica of Thor’s Hammer That Only He Can Lift

There’s a scene in The Avengers: Age of Ultron in which the each member of the team of superheroes attempts to lift Thor’s legendary hammer, the Mjolnir. As none of them are “worthy” enough, they each fail to do so. However, Thor now appears to have some competition, as YouTuber Allen Pan has created a replica of the Mjolnir, and it’s one that only he can lift.

Pan, an engineer who runs the channel Sufficiently Advanced on the video-sharing site, uploaded a video that showed a variety of people attempting to lift the hammer on the streets of Venice Beach, California, with each of them failing miserably. After their attempts, Pan confidently lifts the hammer with ease, leading to his unworthy spectators becoming a little confused as to how he managed this trick. 


But rather than this being an example of Pan exhibiting some form of Godly, supernatural magic, it is instead a result of a transformer electromagnet, more commonly found in a microwave oven, being packed into the hammer in order to create an incredibly strong magnetic pull. When the hammer is placed on a metal surface, a Capacitive Touch Sensor attached to the handle triggers the electromagnet, causing it to stick to the metal like glue.

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In order to be able to lift the hammer himself, Pan attached a relatively concealed fingerprint scanner to the handle, too, which is only registered to recognize his thumbprints. When Pan places his thumb on this scanner, the electromagnets switch off, and he is able to lift it up like a real-world Thor.

Check out the impressive replica Mjolnir in action below: