Pixel Perfect | Victoria Pedro: Photos by MOISNOMOIS

When I was first introduced to Victoria Pedro via Instagram, I was struck by how much she looked like my friend from Russia, who is also a super hot blogger, but who I never got to photograph. Meeting Victoria in person, I was immediately impressed with how quiet, seemingly shy, and yet inherently confident she was. I thought, “I have to shoot her somewhere spectacular.”

I’d been wanting to work in Downtown Los Angles for a while now.  It’s very convenient, and there’s a lot of interesting locations to shoot, whether it be an alley in the Flower District or a busy street in the Old Bank District. Victoria and I connected on the corner of 8th and Grand, and after a walking bit, snuck into one of the modernist high rises we liked, and started shooting in an empty “model” room the building used to attract buyers.

The sky was overcast, the lighting was great, and  the shoot quickly turnt up when we snuck outside and up to the helipad to capture the last few moments of twilight. 

Victoria Pedro, by MOISNOMOIS.







Victoria Pedro photographed by MOISNOMOIS. Special thanks to the Donayre/Morrisette clan.

Published every other week, “Pixel Perfect” is the visual journal of L.A.-based photographer MOISNOMOIS.