Best Nightclubs in Austin, Texas

Photo: John Fedele/Getty Images.

There are times where you’d like nothing more than to catch the game over a few beers at a dive bar, and other times that absolutely call for epileptic-seizure-inducing lights, smoke machines, and heavy bass. And the night after that, you’re might want to chill out with some high-end cocktails and great apps. Whatever your poison of choice, Austin has it all.

Oilcan Harry’s

Olican Harrys Bar

Photo: Oilcan Harry’s

Affectionately known as “The Can,” Oilcan Harry’s has cultivated an enthusiastic following within the LGBT community. They’re most famous for their themed party nights, where locals and visitors can get dressed up for a night of karaoke, dating games, go-go dancers  and good music. If it’s not a themed night, go to dance to the latest top-40 dance mix or get hammered off their heavy pours.


Barcelona Bar Austin

Photo: Barcelona Facebook

Easily one of the hardest nightclubs in Austin, Barcelona is the spot to be… if you can find it. The club is beautiful inside and features bold and inspired lighting as well as a rather narrow bar where you can find most of your favorite drinks for that final dose of liquid courage before hitting the dance floor. And if you go to Barcelona, be prepared to dance. The club features a musical playlist that varies based on the preference of the DJ, but typically hovers in the house music genre, and features some of the most serious dancers in all of Austin.


If you’re looking for a genuine local scene and an alternative to the average nightclub, Elysium is where you need to be. The warehouse itself is part of local history but has been used mostly as an entertainment venue since the late 70’s. Of all the clubs in Austin, Elysium is the oldest venue. In true Austin fashion, there’s no dress code at Elysium, and everything from “jeans to chains” is acceptable.

No matter where you end up – or if you end up bouncing from spot to spot – you’re sure to have a good time in Austin. Like the rest of the city, the best nightclubs in Austin Texas offer just about any specific flavor you’re looking for, and they’re often as eclectic – and weird – as Austin itself.