Pebble Time Round is the Circular-Faced Thinnest Smartwatch Ever

Pebble has unveiled their latest smartwatch, with the Pebble Time Round seeing the company embark in a bold new direction in terms of the device’s design, in what they hope will also set the “new standard” for the wearable marketplace. 

The Pebble Time Round is the company’s first smartwatch with a circular face, which the company stating that this aesthetic change allows it to remain “faithful to timeless watch design while being a true Pebble at heart.” On top of this, the watch itself is just 7.5mm thin and weighs just 28 grams, making it both the thinnest and lightest smartwatch currently available. Its bands are available in two sizes – 20mm and 14mm – and three colors, with black and silver being the basic options, while rose hold is available as a limited edition option.

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The Pebble Time Round will follow suit with other Pebble devices by hosting ePaper and the company’s Timeline user interface, however, there is one major change that has been made to the device that will be sure to ruffle some feathers, and that is its dramatically decreased battery life. The Pebble Time Round will be able to run for 8 days fewer than the Pebble Time, with the upcoming smartwatch only lasting for 2 days before it needs to be recharged. Pebble claim that the device only needs to be charged for 15 minutes in order for it to reach full battery again, but this could prove to be a big hassle for users who are used to Pebble hardware typically being heavy on battery life.

But this hit on the battery life has been made in order to significantly up the device’s visual appeal, and it’s worked wonders. Whereas Pebble devices have always been known for being bulky and, in some cases, arguably unsightly, the Pebble Time Round is the company’s best-looking smartwatch yet. 

Though its huge bezel looks a little odd in comparison with its minuscule watch face, it’s attractive enough that it should appeal even to those who aren’t tech enthusiasts, a demographic which Pebble hasn’t really attempted to break into before now. This new-found accessibility also comes with a steep price tag, though, as the Pebble Time Round will retail for $249.99 in the US. This is cheaper than the likes of the highly priced (though more robust) Apple Watch, but still more expensive than we’re used to seeing from Pebble, especially considering the hit it’s taken on its battery life.

Still, it’s undoubtedly a great looking smartwatch that represents a big change in terms of Pebble’s design philosophy. The Pebble Time Round will start shipping to the US and Canada in November, and to EU countries in early 2016. 


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