Tumblr Launched a Clothing Line and it’s the Worst Thing

There is perhaps no worse sentence to begin an article with than the following: “Tumblr has launched its own Internet-inspired clothing line, developed by some of the site’s most prominent bloggers.” Even writing that makes me have an adverse physical reaction, holding back a dry heave as I question how we’ve all collectively let this happen.  

But that is the grim reality that we are now forced to confront, as memes collide with “adorbz” furry puffballs to create a collection that will helpfully allow you to know exactly who to avoid any form of social interaction with, if you find yourself confronted by one of these items of clothing worn by an actual human being.

The fashion range is being released as part of a partnership between Tumblr and Print All Over Me, a site that allows users to add custom designs to a basic line of clothing (think Converse’s DIY shoe option), and appears to solely cater to people whose personalities aren’t loud enough so they have to wear an outfit that looks like Nyan Cat’s vomit in order to make up for it.


The range is being released in order to celebrate 10 years of Tumblr’s involvement with New York Fashion Week, and sees the site’s most prominent fashion bloggers being given the chance to design their own clothes and then sell them via paom.com.

Tumblr’s Valentine Uhovski said of the collection: “Our colorful and incredible community of artists, fashion bloggers and other creators have helped make Tumblr the most inspiring destination for years.With this capsule collection, we’re proud to bring NYFW program to the next level this season and to bring some amazing Tumblr work to life.”

Uhovski’s job title is “Fashion Evangelist,” by the way. Just putting that out there.

The clothes are modeled by their designer in GIF form, because of course they are. Take a look at a few selections from the range below:


Lauren Pelc-McArthur


Monica Tramos


John McLaughlin

If you want to purchase these clothes and ensure that you’ll be the subject of a concerned conversation between your parents, then you can do so via paom.com on September 14th. Prices start at $36, though if you’re interested in purchasing any of the above, I’d also suggest that for that amount of money you could purchase a can of lighter fluid from Amazon for $8, and then proceed to set the remaining $28 in your possession on fire.