Spotlight | Best Made Co.

Best Made Co. was founded in 2009, but the history in the products goes much further back. Peter Buchanan-Smith originally conceptualized the brand when he found a need for a simple, yet very important camping product: the axe. Considered to be one of the oldest and most valuable tools known to mankind, Best Made Co. released a limited edition run, and a year later partnered with one of the oldest axe makers in America to provide consumers with the utmost quality product. 

What has happened since then? A lot, as Best Made Co. has branched out from just a simple but improved axe, to make items for your home, your camping ambitions and your body. All of the products made by Best Made Co. have a few key similarities. The products are of a high quality, sleek style, and represent the Best Made Co.’s Famous Four values: Courage, Compassion, Grace and Fortitude. With a brick & mortar store and workshop space in TRIBECA, this is definitely a lifestyle brand that represents more than mass production. 

Photos: Best Made Co. (36 White Street, Ground Floor New York, NY 10013)