New iPhone 6 Case Instantly “Repairs” Scratches on the Smartphone

The problem with all modern smartphones is that while they may look like things of beauty when you first purchase them, eventually they’ll show the wear and tear that comes with daily usage. You can buy a case to protect them, but then the case itself will likely become damaged due to extended use, making them a semi-successful solution to the problem.

However, third-party iPhone case maker Innerexile have unveiled their Instant Self-Repair case for the iPhone 6, which removes all light-to-moderate scratches it has endured almost instantly. 

The self-repairing case was compared with the LG G Flex 2 in a video from Innerexile, with LG’s smartphone also boasting self-repairing qualities that were widely advertised upon the time of its release. However, in the video comparison both devices are shown being scratched by a 3000g bronze brush, and while a scratch on the G Flex 2 still remains after the experiment, Innerexile’s case has repaired all damage done to it within a single second.

Watch the video below:

The iPhone 6 case should shoot right to the top of the wish lists of iPhone 6 owners, especially those who are prone to damaging their devices. Unfortunately it’s not yet available to consumers, though it should be released in the near future.

Image Credit: Marqus Brownlee / YouTube