iOS 9 Will Tell You When to Leave a Date

iOS 9 is introducing a new feature that will see users being informed when they should leave an event, with the upcoming operating system utilizing Apple Maps in order to look up locations and traffic conditions in order to deduce the best time for you to make your exit.

The new feature will be implemented in iOS 9’s Calendar app, and will make use of Apple’s web mapping service in order to send a notification to the user regarding when they should leave the party/club/bar/meeting/wedding/funeral they’re attending if they have a busy day ahead of them and don’t want to be late for the next event they’re attending. It’ll also make for a great excuse if you’re on a date and aren’t remotely interested in the person you’re sitting opposite, with you being able to say “I’m sorry, my iPhone is telling me to get out of here” before you sprint out of the restaurant.

This feature will be a part of the upcoming iOS 9 developer demo and was unearthed by 9to5Mac, who also discovered some more interesting pieces of information regarding the operating system. 


For instance, you’ll be pleased to learn that iOS 9 is also going to get rid of one particularly annoying flaw with current mobile operating systems, with it introducing a new feature that will see devices automatically switching from Wi-Fi to cellular data if a weak Wi-Fi signal is detected. It’s odd to think that this isn’t already a thing considering that it seems like such a simple thing to implement, but right now all mobile operating systems require the user to manually switch their connections around if their Wi-Fi signal is weak, an annoying issue which can only be circumvented through the use of third-party apps. 

In less interesting news, it was also discovered that the iOS 9 will feature 15 new wallpapers that you can use before you inevitably swap them out for a photo of your dog, improved functionality between CarPlay and Apple Music features, and another addition that will see events such as flights and restaurant reservations being found in Mail before being stored in Calendar.