SPEEDVEGAS Setting Up Desert Shop in 2016

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Most of the eyeballs reading my words here this day will never belong to a man owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin or McLaren. Their keepers also want to date supermodels and gamble it all at Monte Carlo casino.

None of the above will happen to most guys, and that’s why we have Las Vegas. It’s got the gambling and the girls. And, Vegas is adding another spot to drive the supercars with SPEEDVEGAS.

Opening in early 2016, SPEEDVEGAS will join other area venues like Las Vegas Speedway mainstays Real Racing, Exotics Racing and the Richard Petty Experience – offering the average gearhead the chance to try elite vehicles at speed under track conditions.

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SPEEDVEGAS will look to take a fresh approach to the tourist adventure drive concept by building a more challenging track experience. The other racing opportunities in the desert feature legitimate performance cars on properly surfaced racetracks, but those tracks are build to offer minimal risks. The preexisting tracks are flat, with short straightaways and simple turns. The SPEEDVEGAS setup promises rising elevation changes, sweeping turns and a straightaway that compares to the top circuits in the world. It’ll also be fully lit, allowing night drives and events — something its local competition doesn’t offer.

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Once its open for business next year, SPEEDVEGAS will wave the green flag along South Las Vegas Blvd., 10 minutes down The Strip from the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign (Exit 25 off on Interstate 15).