WWDC 15: Apple Ensures “The Fappening” Won’t Happen Again with Two-Factor iCloud Authentication


Though it should’ve happened a long time ago, Apple finally revealed that it would be adding two-factor authentication to the iCloud, in order to prevent hackers from breaking into the cloud storage accounts of iOS and OS X users.

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The company’s made this move quite late considering the extent of ‘The Fappening,’ the crass name given to the period of time in which a number of celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked and their private images, the majority of which featured them in various states of undress, leaked onto the Internet, but at least they’ve introduced it.


Jennifer Lawrence was one of the celebrities involved in the huge 2014 celebrity photo hack. (Photo: Getty Images)


The two-factor authentication process will now make it a lot more difficult for potential hackers to break into the accounts of Apple users, meaning that it would be a lot more difficult for anybody to get their hands on the wealth of data that was obtained during the infamous 2014 celebrity photo hack.

The announcement was met with rapturous applause from the audience, and presumably from any celebrities that may have been watching from home. Apple failed to send Hollywood a fruit basket as a means of apologizing, but this is good enough.