Google Wants to Improve US Internet Speed Using Giant Air Balloons

Google is looking to improve Internet speeds across the United States with Project Loon air balloons.

The balloons are intended to bring Internet connectivity to the developing world, though the search engine giant and creators of Fiber high-speed Internet have now said that they are looking to introduce the project to the US, too.

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Discussing the poor Internet speeds that currently plague the US, Loon project lead Mike Cassidy said in an interview with MIT Review: “Even in my house, I don’t have a cell signal. We’re going to come to the United States, too.”

The Project Loon balloons are an economically viable way of distributing wireless Internet connectivity to rural areas, and while their application will be more beneficial to developing countries, they will also be of great use to areas that struggle with their online connections in the richest countries, too.

Google has already made Internet Service Providers fearful of their aggressive plans to distribute cheaper, more efficient Internet with their Fiber service, which offers 1000Mbps upstream and downstream speeds for just $70 per month, and this latest plan could further their push into the domain of ISPs.

Photo: Getty Images