Star Trek Themed Apartment Goes Up For Sale in UK


A Star Trek themed apartment has gone up for sale in the UK for £70,000.

The listing, posted on the site Right Move, reads: 

“Calling all Star Trek Fans! Have you always dreamt of having your own Voyager? The opportunity of buying this unique and extraordinary Star Trek Voyager Flat replica has arisen! Step in to the Voyager and let your imagination do the rest. This unique property has been custom made by a real Star Trek fanatic. You won’t find any other property like this one, this is truly unique, don’t miss it! You will find all of the smallest details from the movie franchise. You will have your own Transporter with the main commands control at the heart of this wonderful living space.”

It’s boasted as having a “full Star Trek interior,” and while it will be sure to see a number of bids from diehard Trekkies, its previous owner wasn’t exactly the lovable, dedicated Star Trek fan you may imagine him being. In actuality, it was owned and created by Tony Alleyne, a well-known sex offender who was jailed in 2013 for downloading and distributing child porn images.


Alleyne’s ex-wife, who won the apartment in a divorce battle, is now selling the property. Speaking to the Evening Standard, she said: “I have decided to put the property on the market in order to start fresh.

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“I am now divorced and I estimate that it is time for me to put this flat and my ex-husband’s project behind me. I do not want to be reminded about my past and I am looking forward to turning to the next page in my life.”


The £70,000 property is located on Hill Street, Hinckley, though we can’t imagine it will remain available for much longer.