Apple is Holding “Workshops” for its Apple Watch From April 24th


Apple is set to hold “workshops” in its Apple Stores in order to teach people how to use their Apple Watch. 

The workshops, which will begin on April 24th, see Apple Watch owners booking appointments with stores in order for Apple employees to guide them through the process of using their device. Titled ‘Apple Watch Basics,’ these appointments seem to be another example of Apple’s particularly over-the-top take on customer service when it comes to the company’s wearable, with them also having offered an “Apple Watch Journey” for people looking to buy the device, which the company branded an “extremely personal, elegant, and purposeful” affair.

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Though the Apple Watch has yet to be released, I should imagine that the device isn’t so complicated that appointments need to be booked in order to figure out how to work it. It’s essentially a smartphone that you wear on your wrist, but with less features – if you’re spending between $349 – $17,000 on the tech, then I should imagine that you have more than a passing knowledge of its purpose, and that you’ve used a smartphone before. If not, I’d suggest buying a smartphone first, and then not bothering with the Apple Watch because there are more useful things you can spend your money on.


The Apple Watch Basics workshop is now listed on the Apple Store, along with in-store tutorials for the iPhone, iPad and Apple software.

The online Apple Store has a page in which you can book your Apple Watch Basics reservation. Apple posted a statement on its site regarding the workshops, which reads: “Bring your Apple Watch — along with your iPhone — and get familiar with your most personal device yet. We’ll show you how to get started using Glances, gestures, watch faces, and more.”

Isn’t this what manuals are for?

Nevertheless, the Apple Watch Basics workshops are likely to receive more than a handful of participants who are jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon for the very first time, and it’s better to see a company offering good post-sale customer service rather than none at all. Kudos to Apple, then, I guess.