NYIAS 2015: Scion Doubles up on iA and iM Debuts

It’s common for automakers to reveal new car designs at NYIAS 2015. It’s a rare event when a manufacturer announces two at the same time. But, that’s what Scion did this week in New York

During the press preview period of NYIAS, 2015, Scion employed a mix of high tech laser imagery and an interpretive movement performance (…No, seriously. But, we’re just going to let that go. Let’s move on quickly…) to unveil two additions to its line — the existential themed iA sedan and iM hatchback.

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Both serve up major changes in direction for Scion, moving away from the boxier, sharp angled designs of the past. In addition to shaking up the car maker’s styling language, both are first time offerings in their classes. Scion never before offered a four door sedan like thew iA, and the iM will be the largest sporty hatchback the company so far produced.

One thing Scion isn’t changing is their youth-centric focus, so time will tell how each of these new offerings plays with the kids out there with their rock n’ roll and their hula-hoops and their Twitties and their Ebola and whatever else kids are into these days. And some see similarities to styling cues rom Mazda and Hyundai in both cars — but give Scion credit for stirring the pot a bit.

(And, speaking of pot, I’m going to assume some was warmly lit by whomever planned that liturgical dance display at that reveal…)