A Rundown of the 24 First Ever Apple Watch Apps


The first 24 apps for the Apple Watch have been released, despite the device not having yet been released.

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The apps are currently available on Apple’s other hardware such as the iPhone and/or iPad, though they’ve each had Apple Watch support added to them via updates this week. Though more apps are likely to have Watch support added before its release on April 24th, at least we can now know what apps will definitely be available to download right out of the starting gate for the upcoming wearable.

Here’s a rundown of each app that boasts Watch support:

  • Air Canada: Book flights, view a countdown to your boarding time and get notifications when it’s time to check-in. You can use Handoff from your Watch to complete your check-in from your iPhone, with Passbook also being available on your Watch in order for you to store your boarding passes.
  • AliPay: You needn’t concern yourself with Aliplay unless you live in China, with it being the country’s equivalent to Apple Pay that boasts 300 million users.
  • Babbel: An award-winning app which teaches users up to 14 different languages including Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. Voted one of Apple’s best apps of 2014 in nine different countries, it’s now coming to the Watch.
  • Dark Sky: An app that can tell you the weather forecast an hour in advance, effectively allowing you to plan your day and check whether or not it’s worth leaving your house.
  • ECB Cricket: If you’re a cricket fan, this will keep you up to date on the latest scores in the sport.
  • Evernote: You’re likely already familiar with Evernote, with it being Apple’s primary app for those who want to lead an organized life through their smartphones or tablets. Now you access the note-taking app/personal secretary through the Apple Watch.
  • Expedia: Book hotels and save cash using exclusive deals through this travel agent app.
  • Kitchen Stories: Gain access to new recipes every week and browse through a myriad of how-to videos to improve your cooking.
  • Line: A free voice and video calling service with a built-in social networking service and the ability to host group chats.
  • MLB.com At Bat: Keep up to date with the MLB season using the baseball app.
  • Procreate Pocket: Create doodles/works of art on your Apple Watch.
  • Qantas Airways: Plan your Qantas flight with access to your boarding and check-in times, this app essentially works the same way as Air Canada.
  • Redfin: A real estate app that allows you to browse and buy homes within 8 popular regions.
  • Runtastic Six Pack: An app with the goal of guiding you to achieving six-pack abs. Includes a number of in-app purchases that allow you to add music to your workout.
  • Sky Guide: Explore the solar system on your wrist with this app that will provide you with detailed information on the Earth’s surrounding stars, constellations, satellites and planets.
  • Starwood Hotels: Skip the wait at reception with this app that allows you to book and check-in without having to talk to another human being.
  • The New York Times: The official app of the newspaper, get all the news sent directly to your wrist.
  • Target: Shop at the store directly from your Apple Watch.
  • Things: A personal task manager with fantastic ease-of-use.
  • TransitApp: Get bus and subway info in real-time using this app, along with checking for transit routes near you in order to plan your next destination.
  • The Wall Street Journal: Check on news and the stockmarket using this app, with the first four weeks of your subscription available for free if you sign up now.
  • Twitter: The 140-character messaging app that is the Yin to Facebook’s Yang.
  • WeChat: A WhatsApp-esque messaging app that is hugely popular in China. Not so much here.
  • Yahoo Tourney Pick’Em: Your destination for fantasy sports league including football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

Photo: Getty Images