NYIAS 2015: Aston Martin Looks to Prosper with New Vulcan


 It’s a special event in the automotive world when Aston Martin introduces a new halo car, so the British automaker is turning to The Big Apple as the backdrop for the debut of its new Vulcan.

A track-only supercar not intended to be road legal, the Vulcan will be a toy for the elite that produces some 800-plus horsepower. It made its international debut at the Geneva Auto Show before showing its spine-shattering visage to Americans at NYIAS 2015.

Aston Martin insists the car you’re seeing up there is “hinting at the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars.” The prototype Vulcan is powered by the most potent version of Aston Martin’s massive, naturally aspirated, 7.0 liter, V12 engine. No V6 with a turbocharger. No electric motor to assist. Just brutal science via 12 cylinders.

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Buyers who jump in on the thus far priceless Vulcan will be offered the opportunity to take part in an extensive and  intensive track drive training. They can also choose from a massive list of color and trim options, guaranteeing each Vulcan can emerge from the factory unique.