London Guest of Honor Takes to the Skies

London chose its Guest of Honor, and she enjoyed one amazing trip to Great Britain’s even greater capital recently — sampling the city from every angle.

California’s Adaeze Uyanwah (below) won the Guest of Honor competition with a video and statement expressing her love for the city. Her prize would take her around town for two weeks in a special tour of the city’s attractions from every angle — including behind the scenes and above.

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During that two experience, Uyanwah would serve as an extra in West End musical (Mama Mia), get a tour of the legendary tennis courts of Wimbledon with veteran player and commentator Tim Henman, raise the iconic Tower Bridge over the Thames, fire the massive deck guns on the HMS Belfast along the river, meet with Professor Stephen Hawking, etc.

Some of her experiences were unique for the winner and not something just any traveler or native could do on a Saturday afternoon. But, some are available for you to experience, including one of the first treats Uyanwah enjoyed upon arriving in London.

She got to the chopper and saw the massive city from above with The London Helicopter. Taking off from Battersea on the city’s southwest side, Uyanwah traveled along the Thames, passing by Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, The Shard and other iconic sights.

And, the good news, if you’re a local or traveling to the city, you can take the exact same tour. To get you in the mood, there’s a gallery below previewing some of the scenery snapped during just such a journey.