CES 2015: Samsung Portable SSD T1 is Tiny, But Big on Storage and Style

When you think about 1 terabyte of data, you envision thousands of MP3s or pictures, documents, even a decent number of HD movies — and you’re right to picture this as taking up a lot of space. Comparatively, to our 16GB smartphones, 128GB tablets, or even 500GB consoles, 1 terabyte just seems massive; more than enough to store your average user’s entire collection of data. But when it comes to a tangible sense, data is barely there at all. That’s why it’s about damn time that tiny-sized storage solutions start packing away a respectable amount of data.

Enter the Samsung Portable SSD T1, freshly announced at the Samsung CES 2015 press conference. The tiny — smaller than a credit card and weighing less than an ounce — external drive goes toe-to-toe with desktop SSDs with read/write speeds of up to 450 megabytes per second over USB 3.0, yet it somehow manages to store from 250GB, to 500GB, all the way up to 1TB of data.

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The only thing not small about it, is the price. It’s $180 for the smallest option, $300 for mid-level storage, and $600 for the largest capacity. But since this is aimed at traveling business professionals or content creators looking to take their portfolio on the go, it makes the price worth it by adding advanced AES 256 bit encryption along with 4 times the shock resistance and 40 times the vibration resistance of other external HDDs. Plus, the thing just oozes premium style with its black and chrome finish.

You can expect the Samsung Portable SSD T1 to be available to purchase later this month.


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