CES 2015 VIDEO: Ninebot Reveals the “Future of Personal Transportation”

Tech companies have been trying to break into the world of personal transportation for a while now. The latest gadget attempting to force us to lose our grip over our bicycles is the Ninebot, a Segway-esque personal vehicle that aims to balance control with style. But does it succeed?

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The look of the Ninebot is too similar to the Segway to prevent it from being distinguishable, though there are a number of key differences. For one, it requires no gripping of handlebars in order to use it, instead looking more like a unicycle than it does a lazy man’s bike. There is also another model available, the Ninebot One, which is far easier on the eye and is much more lightweight, featuring only a single wheel and two small platforms for the user’s feet to rest onto. 

The self-balancing, self-propelled personal vehicle is certainly eye-catching, though whether or not it changes the “future of personal transportation” – as West Coast Marketing Director Marty Krycki suggests – remains to be seen.


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