Nova’s Giant Slip ‘N’ Slide Is Touring Australia

slip n slide

The 315-metre Slip ‘N’ Slide that brightened up the streets of Perth’s CBD last month providing citizens some much need respite through water-based merriment, is making its way across the country with planned stops in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney this summer.

Organisers Nova Slidestreet have unveiled their plans to take the Slip ‘N’ Sliding fun nation wide, starting with Bartels Road in Adelaide on January 18th, Melbourne’s Lansdowne Street on January 24th and will culminate the tour with Australia Day celebrations in Sydney’s Centennial Park on January 26th.

Considering the predicted scorching temperatures Australian cities are expected to face this summer, the news will certainly be met with delight from those searching for some water-based heat distractions.

Making it a proper street party, additional festivities like live music, entertainment and various food vendors will also feature.

Head to the Slidestreet website for more details, but first, for further evidence on how much fun we’re all going to have, see the video below.