LA Auto Show 2014: New Land Rover Discovery Sport

Th2 2014 LA Auto Show is underway right now in downtown Los Angeles, and it’s a scene dominated by the small crossover SUV segment. The Expo Center is home to new or updated small, urban SUVs from Mazda, Mitsubishi, Ford, Fiat, BMW and others.

In a time when gas is a little cheaper and hybrids are losing some of their smug charm, folks are peeking out from behind their recycling bins and realizing they can buy a little bigger, more powerful vehicle with cargo space that’ll carry more than bean sprouts. They may not want to go full on Denali, but they’ll go urban crossover.

No doubt spotting this trend coming, and never wanting anyone to forget that they make the finest SUVs in the consumer world, Land Rover used the LA Auto Show to unveil their latest entry into the class, the Discovery Sport.

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During an event marked by moody lighting and dancing girls, Land Rover called the Discovery Sport a “versatile premium compact SUV.” Now, when they say “compact,” they mean Land Rover’s kind of compact with seven seats. A 240 horsepower, turbocharged four cylinder engine will be more than enough to keep it moving. That engine will be attached to all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Eight gears were already too many, and nine is getting silly. But, don’e get me started on modern automatic gearboxes. I digress.

In a rare auto show move, Land Rover did let reporters know the price for the Discovery Sport – a reachable $37,995 for starters. It’s set to arrive in showrooms by mid 2015.