LA Auto Show 2014: New 2015 Acura ILX Sedan

Acura seems like an automaker still looking for its niche. It’s been around a while, but how would the average buyer describe it? 

Technically, an Acura is the upscale, luxury arm of Honda. The same way Toyota handed off its more expensive, upscale rides over to Lexus, Honda nods to Acura. But, do buyers consider Acura a rival to Lexus the way Lexus looks to challenge Mercedes-Benz or BMW? Should they, consider that Acura looks to keep its cars uptown while keepings its sticker prices below Lexus and the rest?

For now, Acura seems to be building itself on a reputation for high-tech, well-equipped cars that entry-level luxury buyers can afford. I came away from that impression after test driving the Acura TLX earlier this year, and the reveal of the new ILX at the LA Auto Show only reenforced that idea.

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The re-engineered ILX delivers offers a standard 201 horsepower, direct-injected engine and 8-speed transmission. That engine comes during an LA Auto Show where tiny engines kicked with turbo boosting are the flavor of the day. 

Meanwhile, Acura looks to make out its trim levels at lower price points, offering drivers an incentive to get more care for less money. The ILX will include new safety and driver-assistive technologies and a package o exterior design elements when it arrives in 2015.

Unlike some of the cars on display at the LA Auto Show, the ILX appears ready to go. As a result, Acura will be holding a road test event in California early next year. We’ve been invited, so we’ll be able to give you a practical test report on the new sedan soon enough.