Meet The Real G of the Vape World

Starting out in the music industry as an independent concert promoter, Chris Folkerts applied his experience and high energy to build the “go to” brand in the vaporizer world: The “G” Pen.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from the best entrepreneurs is that if they’re developing a product that they themselves use every day, and that’s the main reason behind their motivation, then they’re going to develop a product they are proud to share and delivers on its promise.  Chris remains embedded in his products so much so that his company Grenco Science‘s latest line of “G” pens and vaporizers are its most coveted release to date.  And, yes, they deliver.

Three years ago vaporizing or “vaping” was a new possible way to intake that with what we normally “smoke” into our bodies. Fast forward to 2014 and Chris went from selling vaporizers out of the trunk of his car to taking over the famed Deco building in the Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles. The Deco building, which was built in 1929, was at one time a bank and his office is located in the vault.

Chris’s music background came into play and his next move locked in the biggest celebrity vaporizer deal achievable by introducing the Snoop Dogg G Pen in 2012. Now comes round two, and Grenco Science has just launched the Snoop Dogg G Pro Herbal Vaporizer.

Chris describes the relationship of working with Snoop as Nike has with Jordan.  “It was a long courting process from several individuals up to management, up to us having a meeting in this office.  The synergy was there.  We realized that we didn’t just want this to be a collaboration.  We wanted this to be a long term partnership.”

“This product would go into places where no other brand or company would go.  They were proud of it” said Folkerts who originally hails from St. Louis.  As actual vaporizer users, the team at Grenco have an upstairs area they call “G Life”.  This is really where all of the collaboration happens.  On a typical workday Chris spends most of his time in the G Life office going over how they can improve their products for user experience.  It’s clear these guys all want the best user experience for themselves as possible, which is what makes the product so easily connected to its users.

The entire origin for Grenco is based on erasing the stigma that comes with smoking your materials.  If you eliminate the “burning, smoking, and smell” and replace that with a personal device that emits odorless vapor, you now have a product that’s non-intrusive to other people within the same space and has a significant decrease in any health risk.  There’s about a gazillion articles that will cover the health benefits of vaping vs smoking.  I myself took up vaping and after 25 years of smoking there’s no longer any substance that I “smoke”.  I feel healthier. G Life” for life.


This article provided by Gary