Fall Prey to Flannel

What do you wear when you cut down your Christmas tree in a bone-chilling blizzard or wrestle a bear with your bare hands? Wait, what? You don’t do those things?

Okay, fine. You’re still encouraged to check out this season’s plaid flannel. It has nothing to do with rodeo-ready western wear and, despite what we alluded to earlier, you don’t have to know how to swing an ax to have a penchant for this plaid stuff. It’s also not grungy anti-fashion flannel from the nineties or anything even remotely similar to a Paul Bunyan shirt. That’s fucked-up flannel.  What we’re talking about is much cooler: there’s a trimmer collar, a rounded hem and a plethora of surprisingly refreshing hues. 

With this plaid flannel, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Designers ranging from Burberry and Billy Reid to True Religion and Tommy Hilfiger are vying to slap it on your back. Which means there’s no excuse not to participate. Besides, didn’t your dad ever tell you that half the battle is just showing up?

And, not to pile on, Abercrombie recently dropped their embarrassing moose logo, which means you can safely sport one of their cool versions without feeling like you’re 14. Nice.

Peel Your Peepers

Find a flannel that flatters – whether that’s preppy, punchy or practical. It’s not hard given that they come in more colors than you see at an international swimsuit competition. A fresh color combination, like this one from Threads for Thought, means it’ll be your best winter wardrobe choice and not some fair weather friend you see every six months. This one easily transitions from workday to weekend.

Get in Touch

Flannel is a fabric not a pattern. Got it? At its best, it’s super soft and should be something you don’t mind wearing all day . . . and she doesn’t mind wearing during the night. If your flavor of the month sleeps over unexpectedly and sees one in your closet, she’s choosing this bad boy to slumber in. So do your part (she did hers, right?) and let her flaunt your flannel even if it is your favorite.

Pair it Perfectly

Keep in mind that flannel is the supporting role in any outfit. If you do it right – meaning ditch the iconic Timberlands and don’t wear it around your waist – you won’t chop this look to pieces.

Pair it with dark jeans and sleek sneaks on the weekends or throw it on over tailored sweats. (Not the ones you slept in last night.) Leave the buttons open and wear a v- or crew-neck tee. Or put a henley underneath and roll up the sleeves.

Bonus points if you accessorize with a beanie and denim jacket.

Top off traditional colors with a sport coat or cardigan, and slip on a pair of leather bucks for work.

And if you live in a warm-weather state, you can wear your favorite pair of cargo shorts with it year-round. Lucky bastard.

Do whatever you want, but here’s your warning: if you tuck it in we’ll hunt you down . . . lumberjack style.



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