Man Murders Girlfriend, Posts Photos of the Attack on 4chan

4chan played host to a murder investigation today, after a man murdered his girlfriend and then posted images of the horrific attack on the controversial image board.

Following the murder, Kalac uploaded images of her naked corpse to 4chan, accompanied by the caption: “Turns out its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies.” The message was met with a mixture of disbelief and encouragement, what with this being 4chan and all.

Kalac evaded police for over 24 hours, after they found Coplin’s body surrounded by messages handwritten by Kalac, including “She killed me first” on a photo of her, “dead” on her driving license and “Bad News” written on her blinds.

Kalac allegedly posted the following message on 4chan prior to his arrest: “Check the news for port orchard Washington in a few hours. Her son will be home from school soon. He’ll find her, then call the cops. I just wanted to share the pics before they find me.”

Kalac, 33, was arrested by police in Portland, Oregon at 8:50pm local time. He had previously claimed on 4chan that he wanted to commit “suicide by cop,” though he eventually surrendered with no bullets being fired. Kalac wrote on the image board: “Check the news for Port Orchard Washington in a few hours… I bought a BB gun that looks realistic enough. When they come, I’ll pull it and it will be suicide by cop. I understand the doubts. Just check the f*** news. I have to lose my phone now.”

Police have stated that Kalac is cooperating with Oregon’s officers.