Apple Watch Battery Life: It Will Need to Be Charged Every Day

If you were praying that your Apple Watch could run on optimism and hope alone then prepare to be disappointed, as Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the upcoming wearable tech will need to be charged every single day.

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It was predicted that the smartwatch would have a short battery life given its vivid color screen and extensive amount of software crammed inside of it, and Cook confirmed as much during the WSJD Live conference, saying: “We think people are going to use it so much you will wind up charging it daily.” That’s business speak for “the Apple Watch has a 24-hour battery life.”

More expensive models of the Apple Watch will ship with a charging stand.


Plenty of other smartwatches have a battery life that lasts no longer than a day, so it’s not like Apple is tailing behind in this respect. The Apple Watch also boasts an easy charging system, with it connecting to a magnetic charger that clips on the back of the device. The more expensive models of the smartwatch will ship inside a box that also serves as a charging stand.

We’re sure that more information regarding the Apple Watch’s battery life, and the watch in general, will surface closer to its early 2015 launch.


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