Celebrate the World Series with Mizuno Baseball Swag


The 2014 World Series is in its final stages with the San Francisco Giants up three games to two. Within perhaps a single contest, this year’s Fall classic will end the baseball season.

For most baseball fans, the first order of business upon the end of any season is to start thinking about next spring and the 2015 campaign immediately. Once Halloween comes and goes, it’s only about four and half months until MLB’s teams head to Arizona and Florida for Spring Training. That’s also when we all can pick up bats and balls and play a little baseball ourselves.

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It’s never too soon to prepare for baseball again, so the folks at Mizuno recommended a couple of their choice 2015 line for baseball lovers to dream about as the World Series plays out to its end.

The Mizuno Pro Limited Edition Infield Glove (above) offers more than sleek, black styling. It incorporates Deguchi Kip Leather, elite deerskin palm lining and special Speed Drive Technology balance. All of that doesn’t come cheap with a $500 price tag — but, using a professional grade glove comes with a price.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.37.36 AM

The Mizuno Pro Maple Natural Baseball Bat keeps it simple and pure. Cut in Mizuno’s Japan factory, this maple bat includes its precise weight and is the same bat the pros will swing come next spring. MSRP: $125.