Guest Editor Rebeca Riofrio: Supercar Dating and Sangeeth Segaram

Thanks to guest editor Rebeca Riofrio, you’re about to discover a luxury, elite dating service made specifically for you — as long as you own an elite supercar and have enough money in the bank to amuse supermodels. There’s a lot of “super” in there, but that’s the world of

Rebeca Riofrio: Could you tell us about your background and how it lead to the work you do today?

Sangeeth Segaram: I come from a family of entrepreneurs and property developers based in London, USA and South East Asia. Having been immersed in the supercar circle for many years and an owner of several Lamborghinis, I realized many young, successful supercar owners were single due to lack of efficient dating alternatives due to their busy schedules. was conceived with the intent of bringing together people within a dating arena that share a passion for fine living experiences (Michelin Dining, jet set holidays, art and theater). For couples that have met via we will soon be launching ‘The Supercar Circle,’ an exclusive Invitation Only Supercar Social Networking site for supercar couples and enthusiasts.

How would you describe your business to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

We are the world’s first dating website for supercar owners and fine living companions. Our website enables fine living companions (supercar enthusiasts) to meet supercar owners in Europe at present. undertakes spot checks on supercar owners to verify car ownership as per our legally drafted terms and conditions. We intend to launch via mobile applications in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia within the next 1 year.

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Who else is behind

I own 100% of the company. We have a team of web developers/marketing, consultants/PR, legal advisors and business development managers who contribute to European expansion.

What or who has been the biggest singular influence on your work?

Richard Branson and the founders of Google via their eternal entrepreneurial drive and fun approach to serious milestones have a big influence of how I run

What’s the last thing that made you say “wow?”

The views across London while dining at The Shard restaurant, Oblix.