Guest Fashion Editor: Rebeca Riofrio of

When you want to ramp up your fashion coverage, you turn to someone who lives in the world of international fashion and art. Enter Rebeca Riofrio. 

Born in Ecuador, she’s lived in London for 20 years and fired up the – an online network focusing on a mix of fashion, fine art and culture. When Rebeca first headed to London, she studied art and worked for an American novelist, travel writer and famous war correspondent, Martha Gellhorn. She served as Gellhorn’s assistant, aiding the one-time wife of Ernest Hemingway. Rebeca insists the war reporter inspired her to balance creativity with knowledge of world affairs.

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During the coming days, Rebeca will share some of her coverage and industry insight with us to make us all a little more aware of the international high fashion with an artistic flare. This should bring a unique and very fresh look to out lifestyle pages here, so stay tuned for Rebeca’s contributions.

Obviously, she’ll be bringing a woman’s perspective to these pages. Even if a lady’s take on high passion flies over your head, it should over some insight into what your fashion-loving wife or girlfriend is reading about across the room over there.