Radisson Serves Whirlwind Tour Through Baltimore


Baltimore is hot on the national map right now because their ever-faithful black and orange baseball team is playing for a shot at the World Series. Regardless of the Orioles’ success though, Maryland’s biggest city is still a prime U.S. location for a traveler searching for a mix of culture and history.

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During a recent tour of its newest hotels, Radisson invited travel writers to explore Baltimore and get a sense of the city’s culture, entertainment options and history. We’ll have more on the upgrades Radisson is introducing to its accommodations across the country in future coverage. For now, you can enjoy a visual overview of the sights throughout downtown Baltimore as its citizens get ready to root for a trip to the Fall Classic.

From the National Aquarium to the grave of the great Edgar Allan Poe, there are few cities in the U.S. that so easily blend American history with modern attractions.