Fall Bags You’ll Beg For

Maybe Matthew McConaughey can pull it off at a Boston Red Sox game, but there’s no way rockin’ the fanny pack will work for you. Bags are one of life’s necessities. You need more than one or else you’re going to waste all kinds of time in the transfer process. Lucky for you – we’ve broken down your week to show how each of these bags can stylishly hold all your belongings. There are a myriad of styles and patterns available for fall, but a few designers in particular have this fashion statement, well, in the bag.


Elevate Your Errand Look

Yes, your cell phone is an extension of your fingertips. But sooner or later you’re going to need to put it down. And on the counter at the dry cleaner – under a pile of clothes – isn’t very big-boy of you. You need something small with a shoulder strap for your keys and cash. No, it’s not a purse, pussy. It’s a man bag and it’s time you stop cowering in the corner when it’s mentioned. Carrying one does not mean you cut ties with your coolness. The Foundation Canvas Field Messenger from Jack Spade is pretty slick. Pockets get pushed aside for the sleekest outside imaginable.


Make Your Way to Work

A briefcase bag doubles as a sturdy screen bag, and also has plenty of room for folders and a water bottle. What you don’t want is a bag reminiscent of your grandfather’s era. Leave hard and brown for the Kardashian ladies. Make sure there’s some sort of center divider or fastener to hold your laptop in place, and plenty of outside pockets for all your little necessities. The last thing you need is for your water bottle to leak on your laptop. Not. Good. J. Crew’s Abingdon Laptop Bag comes in khaki, deep olive and navy, and has the perfect amount of buckles and zippers to keep your confidence high.


Jet to the Gym

You’re at the gym four times a week. Well, let’s just say you are. So you need something stylish, practical and dark in color to carry your clothes and stash your stuff. A gym bag takes a beating – it’s often shoved in a locker, set down on the restroom floor where . . . never mind . . . or tossed on a germ-infested mat. This cool catch from Nike takes care of all your needs – from dirt to durability.


Not-So-Overtly Overnight

You lucky bastard. You’re staying over. Do you really want to pull out a backpack from your trunk? Didn’t think so. A better option is a duffle bag – something with small handles so it doesn’t look like you’re lugging your life into her living room. Stick with a durable fabric, like canvas, twill or leather, and go subtle on the color. Gingham is too “Yippee!” and plaid might be too stuffy for what’s about to happen. Everlane offers up The Twill Weekender, a sturdy option in gray with black leather straps. It’s subtle with just enough sophistication to get you by.


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