Microsoft Windows 10 Arrives for PCs, Tablets, XBox


Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 today at a live event in San Francisco, and we might want to send out a search party to discover whatever became of Windows 9.

To emphasize the evolving of Windows, Microsoft jumped over the land of 9 to arrive with this version 10. The changes are evident from the start (literally) as Microsoft brought back the easy access Start Menu after a deliberate Windows 8 hiatus for that menu. 

According to the Microsoft announcement, the other major features headed to 10 include:

  • A task-view button offering one-click access to all running apps and files
  • Snap enhancements with a “quadrant layout” will allow four apps to be arranged on the same screen
  • Task view with a new button on the task bar will let the user see all open apps and files
  • The ability to switch from one app to another immediately from the task bar
  • Multiple desktops allowing users to switch between desktop screens, allowing them to group related work together rather than dealing with a single screen full of documents and apps

Apple users will no doubt go on about how their OS already offers similar functions, but that sort of chatter goes back and forth all the time.

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Microsoft will offer a preview of Windows 10 to early adopters this week That version will run on laptops and desktops. A release that will work on computer servers will follow before the full release for tablets, smartphones and gaming devices arrives to complete the set.