Six Colognes to Heat Up Cold Winter Nights


White pants and tank tops aren’t the only things that should be relegated to the back of your closet in winter months. That light, sporty cologne you’ve been wearing may be perfect in the heat of summer, but when the chill arrives, you’re better off dabbing on a “heavier” fragrance with a rich and bold olfactory experience.

It’s true—colognes have seasons just like clothes do. And wearing one out of season is as much a fashion foul as white pants after Labor Day. (Or, to be honest, white pants any day.) Plus, according to fragrance experts (yes, that’s a thing), wearing a seasonably appropriate cologne in colder months that’s bolder, and more spicy and musky—instead of the light, citrusy ones appropriate for warm months—may actually appeal more to a woman’s senses. Which is never a bad thing.

So to help you build your winter fragrance wardrobe, we asked Patti Kapla, fragrance aficionado from to round up some of her top aromatic options for the colder months. Patti says, “Be true to yourself and consider your lifestyle, habits and personality, and choose a fragrance to follow suit. A lot can be determined about a man by the scent he chooses to wear, so find something that matches your personality. If you’re artistic and independent, look for a unique niche scent that will set you apart from the crowd. If you have a good sense of humor, even the fragrance name, bottle and packaging can play a role in the choices you might consider.”

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It’s also good to remember, Patti tells us, you don’t have to stick to just one scent—or even one at a time. “To change your fragrance for the seasons, you can also layer,” she tells us. “By adding an amber note to your citrus notes you can successfully head from hotter to cooler months. This allows you to combine two different scents and prevent either from being overbearing.”

With that in mind, here are her top 6 choices, along with her “scent notes” to help you choose the best signature scent to entice your girl to get in close during the cold winter months:

Dolce & Gabbana The One ($54.19) – From the legendary designing duo, The One is “a sensual, spicy, oriental fragrance developed on the scent of tobacco with refined base notes of cardamom, ginger, cedar wood, and citrus spice accord.”  

Giorgio Armani Eau De Nuit ($65.19) — “The intensity of bergamot and pink pepper, softened with cardamom, evokes the gentleness of the day’s last rays on the skin. Soon, the rich accord of nutmeg and the powdery tones of iris emerge: the final glow of the sun shimmers on the already black surface of the water. Finally, the enveloping mystery of the night is reflected in the warm swirls of amber and tonka bean.” Um, yeah. Anyone else need a cigarette after that? Exactly.  

Burberry London Brit Rhythm ($45.19) – For those of you who like your nights a little more exciting, Brit Rhythm is “sexy and provocative, inspired by the exhilaration and adrenaline of live music and the electric energy of the crowd. The scent mixes electric notes of fresh basil verveina, spicy cardamom, and a shot of juniper berries with black leather, patchouli, and cedar wood Brit Rhythm combines notes of pepper, cinnamon, port, moss, mimosa, lavender, leather, tobacco leaf, and opoponax for a spicy masculine scent.”  

Bvlgari Man ($41.19) — “Perfect for cold winter nights, Bvlgari Man has a brace of woods as base notes along with sexy hints of musk and amber. This warm and sensual scent also contains sandalwood, a note that’s been found to encourage relaxation.” Because you definitely want her relaxed…  

Prada Intense ($79.19) – If warm, intense fragrance is your thing, Intense is your new scent. “This balmy, smoky scent is super masculine and features a spicy note composition of seductive Indonesian patchouli, spicy and hot Somalia myrrh, and warm and gentle Madagascar vanilla for a blend that is hypnotic and mesmerizing.”  

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier ($35.19) — “Kokorico is a unique and bold scent for men that emphasizes raw cocoa and woody notes of patchouli and cedar. The powerful top note of fig leaves soon fades to reveal the rich scent of warm, spiced chocolate mixed with wood.” And what woman can resist chocolate?