How To Put on Cologne Is a Valuable Thing To Know

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There are only a few things that men can do in order to improve the impression they give out, and having a signature scent is one of them. Yet, buying an expensive, well-reviewed fragrance won’t achieve much if you don’t know how to apply it properly. So knowing how to put on cologne can really make a difference in the effect you have on your surrounding and save you money in a way.

Check out our guide and make sure you’re not doing it wrong this whole time.

How To Keep Cologne

Knowing how to keep your cologne can be almost as equally important as how you apply it, seeing how storing it the wrong way can change its notes. Don’t keep your cologne in the bathroom, but in your bedroom, as the bathroom gets hot during your showers and baths, which can damage the sovereignty of the cologne’s scent.

The sunshine is another enemy of the cologne, so find a dark, cool place to store your bottle like a drawer or a night stand. Also, you shouldn’t leave the cap off the bottle for longer periods of time and leave the bottle out from its packaging.

How To Put on Cologne General Advice

Take into consideration that your soap has a smell, your shampoo too, aftershave possibly, and sometimes so does your hair gel. Not to mention the deodorant that you should be wearing at all times. So add the cologne and that is a lot of smells combining making you smell like a chemical factory. Therefore, look to choose cosmetics that don’t have such a potent smell, deodorant included, it should just block out the sweats.

Cologne is the most complex and the suavest of these smells, so it should be the one scented.

Ideally, you will put on cologne after you take a shower, as your pores will be opened and act as a great base from where the scent will spread for a longer period of time. Dry and dirty skin isn’t a good host for fragrances.

How To Put on Cologne and Where

In order to fully utilize the power of your cologne, don’t apply it from an immediate distance, a six or seven inches distance is enough for the spray to reach maximum dispersion so you don’t have a stream running down your neck. It will also cover more skin this way.

Rare are the ocasions and colognes for which you should spray more than three times. If you’re going to a long, crowded, exausting event, sure, you’ll need an additional kick. But for regular needs, three sprays should be enough.

Aim for the pulsating spots, they are the areas of your body that produce significant body heat, which will cause the scent to smell good throughout the day. That’s why you shouldn’t spray the perfume on your clothes, but you should be wearing them while spraying as it will give him a nice note too.

The classic way is to spray a hit behind both ears, or on both sides of the neck, as people who come near to you will be really enchanted by your smell. The third spray should be on the inside of one of the wrists. This is important: never rub your wrists together, or any other scented body part, it distorts and breaks the notes, which will cause the perfume or cologne to smell different. Dabbing the two wrists once should be enough.

The chest is the only other acceptable body part where your cologne should be sprayed on if you’re going for the stronger kick. Never use a cologne as a deodorant and spray it on the areas where you sweat excessively, it’s not a good cover up operative.

Hopefully, this guide on how to put on cologne is what you needed, and there isn’t that much a basic user should know about fragrances, aside from how to differentiate the forms in which scents are available.

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