ZVOX SoundBase Delivers Room-Filling 3D Sound

Let’s face it, the sound from most flatscreen TVs is decent, but not mind blowing—and not every room can handle a 5.1 home theater system. If you want to get awesome theater-like sound and don’t have much space (or cash), check out the SoundBase from ZVOX.

The SoundBase is designed to not only pump the richest, fullest sound from whatever TV show or movie you’re watching, but for those with seriously limited space, it’s made to be a platform you can set your TV on. (Hence the “base” in SoundBase.) So you don’t take up valuable space just for a sound system

Made with a real wood cabinet featuring a disappearing digital screen behind a metal mesh front, the line starts with the SoundBase.220, a 17-inch wide model housing a subwoofer and 3 speakers perfect for dorm rooms, computer monitors for die-hard gamers and smaller flat screens, all the way up to the SoundBase.580, their 36-inch system featuring dual 6.5” subwoofers and 5 speakers. That bad boy can handle a flatscreen up to 65” and 160 pounds.

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But a cinderblock and plywood can hold a TV. The real question is how does it sound? After setting up a SoundBase (easy if you’ve ever hooked up a DVD player or cable box, you’re already an expert), we turned it on and sat back. And the SoundBase delivers on every level.

Their PhaseCue virtual surround sound technology delivers 3D theater-style sound from just the one cabinet, vocals are crisp and clear, and you can adjust the treble and bass to your liking. You’d swear you were listening to a multi speaker system.

You’d also swear you were listening to a much more expensive system. The thing that impressed us the most about SoundBase was not just the incredible sound, but the incredible sound for the price.

The SoundBase.220 is the entry point for the 5 models, and it’s just $169.99. Which is almost insane—we’ve paid more for a mini Bluetooth speaker with a fraction of the capability or sound. The top end SoundBase.580? Just $299.99. Still very affordable considering what you get. (ZVOX just released a higher end Platinum series for the SoundBase, and those are coming in at $399.99 and $499.99, still well below market for the quality.)

All SoundBases come Bluetooth enabled, have analog inputs in the front for your iPod or mobile phone, and respond to the included remote or can be “taught” to your existing cable/satellite infrared remote.