Internet Slowdown Day Will Frustrate You For A Good Cause

Some of the internet’s major players, including Netflix, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Reddit, Vimeo and WordPress, have signed on for Internet Slowdown Day to protest potential changes to net neutrality laws which could effect internet speed.

Taking place this Wednesday, September 10th, the event hopes to bring awareness to a proposal being considered by the US Federal Communications Commission that would establish a tiered internet service structure. This would create “fast lanes” for those who pay for high-speed browsing and a standard service for the rest.

The participating sites will add landing pages which display the dreaded loading wheel we’re accustomed to seeing when battling a slow internet connection. While the protest will be symbolic, in that your internet speed will not be affected, the idea is to raise public support to save net neutrality, preventing the establishment of slow and fast internet lanes.

The concept of internet fast and slow lanes is being advocated by some major US carriers, who would profit by charging a premium for higher-speed service. The proposal was leaked by the FCC in part of a redrafting of internet regulations, earlier this year.

According to, the proposed changes are a US issue and wouldn’t have a direct effect on Australian providers, who mostly offer capped data plans. However, new net neutrality laws in the US could have a trickle-down effect and change the way US sites accessed by Australians offer their content.

The Internet Slowdown Day protest takes place just five days before the FCC closes comments into the net neutrality issue. Companies wanting to join the protest can sign up at