Steve-O Slams Celebrities Taking Part in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Jackass star Steve-O has slammed the celebrities taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for not properly informing viewers of the cause they’re supporting, and where they can donate to.

A whole host of famous faces have taken part in the challenge, which sees them drenching themselves in a bucket of ice water/donate $100 to ALS research, but Steve-O believes that the videos feature an inadequate amount of information in regards to reasoning behind the challenge.

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Steve-O posted a video in which he took part in the campaign, before saying: “I’m all about helping causes, but did this raise any awareness at all?” 

Steve-O’s remarks were criticized by many who were quick to point out that the Ice Bucket Challenge has led to millions of dollars being donated to the ALSA, which Steve-O responded to in a Facebook post. He wrote:

“TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO GOT MAD AT ME FOR THIS VIDEO: Since the ice bucket challenge began, over 15 million dollars has been raised for ALS research. I think that’s great, but when you consider the countless A-list celebrities who have actively gotten behind this cause by posting videos– the fact that not more than fifteen million dollars has been raised is a tragedy.

“It’s tragic because I don’t think many of those celebrities even bothered to mention how or where to donate money for ALS research. Most of them just poured water over their heads and named three random people, without including any “call to action” which actually benefits victims of ALS at all. Had all those celebrities given this cause any thought, hundreds of millions of dollars might have been raised, and a whole lot more awareness.

“Let’s start a new trend– by actually letting people know how to donate– visit this page: I’m nowhere near as rich or famous as many of the folks you’ve seen pour water on their heads, but I cared enough to get educated and donate one thousand dollars of my hard-earned money to

“With love, Steve-O”