Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where to Hide His Roommate’s Body


Murder suspect Pedro Bravo asked Siri where to hide his roommate’s body, police have revealed.

Bravo is accused of murdering his roommate Christian Aguilar in 2012, when the pair shared a room at the University of Florida. Examining Bravo’s iPhone for evidence has led the police to discovering that, on September 20th, 2012, Bravo used Siri to find answers to his request of “I need to hide my roommate.” As has previously been noted, Siri often gives comedic answers to bizarre questions, so it responded with three suggestions: swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries and dumps.

Siri - iPhone 4S

Police also discovered that on the very same day Bravo had used the flashlight on his iPhone on 9 separate occasions, totaling 48 minutes of usage. After going through his GPS history, police also learned that Bravo had visited different locations to what he had previously told authorities, though it’s not yet been revealed whether or not Bravo was at the reported scene of the crime. 

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The trial is set to come to a close next week, and while in this instance the iPhone’s data-tracking has been incredibly helpful, it’s also somewhat terrifying to consider that so much information can be gleaned by searching through its user’s usage of its apps and features.