‘MINI Takes the States’ Rolls Coast to Coast

As we speak – or as I write and you read – a swelling caravan of MINI models are chugging their way from San Francisco to Austin, Memphis to Chicago and Cleveland clean to Boston. The trip started in July and will run until August 9. During its length, MINI owners from across the country join the convoy.

MINI Takes the States” serves a few different purposes for the BMW spinoff. First of all, it establishes the MINI models (from the Cooper S to the Countryman) as cross-country travel options. Suffice to say, you could drop the old British version into the modern MINI with room to spare — making the hatchback a more comfortable option for long trips than some buyers might expect.

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The event also brings together and establishes the social community built around the quirky, sporty little car. I’ve reviewed the 2015 Cooper S Hardtop during a drive through England and found it to be one of the best sporty hatches available. For many of their owners, these not-so-little cars become items of self-expression. And, there would seem to be no better way to traverse the country than in a car that’s an extension of a driver’s personality.

During this last week of the journey, savvy readers and MINI owners should keep their eyes open in Cleveland, Buffalo and Boston for the MINI onslaught.