Blenheim Palace Celebrates Its WWI History

As part of the UK’s ongoing commemoration of WWI, massive Blenheim Palace is remembering its history as a temporary hospital for that conflict’s wounded.

Blenheim is always a destination for travelers fascinated by history. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of the legendary Sir Winston Churchill. But, while the young Churchill headed to war in Europe, his family opened stretches of the palace’s more than 150 rooms to recovering UK and American troops.

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A small display in the house’s extensive library features photos of how the long hall was transformed into a group hospital wing, complete with multiple beds lined up before the ceiling high book stacks. There are also tales of the heroes and victims of the war that emerged from Blenheim and Churchill’s extended family.

Blenheim Palace is open year round and is also available for private function or casual dining if you’re local. The WWI exhibits are scheduled to run throughout the coming year.

Below, you can take in a series of images highlighting the centuries-old opulence of the palace: