Samsung’s New TV Can Go From Flat Screen to Curved With the Push of a Button

Samsung has unveiled a new Ultra HD TV that can go from flat screen to curved on command.

The 78-inch bendable TV is intended to make the home viewing experience pleasurable for both small and large groups of people, as the curved screen is more well-suited to solo viewing while flatscreen is better for family viewing. It achieves this with the help of motors inside of the TV, which can retract the screen at will.

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The TV will be available for pre-order in Korea on August 1st, retailing for around 35 million won ($34,000).

I haven’t had the chance to experience a curved TV yet, though Samsung is putting all of its weight behind the new technology, so hopefully it’ll prove to be more successful than the stereoscopic 3D technology every manufacturer was championing a few years ago. All we know of it so far is that Michael Bay was so impressed by it he was left completely speechless.


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