HP’s ‘The Machine’ Aims To Transform Computing

Hewlett-Packard’s most recently unveiled invention, dubbed simply The Machine, has been touted as a game-changing piece of technology which could replace the equipment that currently fills an entire data centre with a single machine the size of a refrigerator.

According to Bloomberg Businesweek, HP’s The Machine, which was unveiled this week at HP’s Discover customer event in Las Vegas, encompasses the functions of a server, workstation, PC, tablet and phone all in one device.

The company says their new system is six times more powerful than existing servers and requires eighty times less energy. HP engineers say The Machine would completely replace today’s designs with its speedy data transfer, new operating system and a improvement to memory operations. HP are also aiming to address data governance and security issues in an effort to better protect information.

The Register reports, chief technology officer and head of HP Labs Martin Fink told the audience during a keynote speech that, once scaled down, the technology could be used in smaller devices such as smartphones and laptops.

The company’s aim is to have it on the market within the next three years. “We think we have no choice,” Martin Fink told Bloomberg Businessweek