New Beats Solo2 Headphones Announced

Following Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of the company, Beats has been the talk of the town. This means that the headphone manufacturer is announcing its latest product, the Beats Solo2 headphones, at the best possible time.

The Solo2’s mark an improvement in the audio quality of the ever-popular Beats headphones, boasting updated acoustics and a wider range of sound. They’re also arguably the best-looking headphones the manufacturer has produced, with six different colors to choose from (the full range is viewable in the image above) that feature matching cables.

The headphones will also come packaged with the RemoteTalk cable, which allows the user to change songs, adjust the volume of the headphones and take calls without having to reach for their device. 

Beats states that the Solo2 headphones have a “more dynamic and wider range of sound, with a clarity that will bring you closer to what the artist intended you to hear”. The headphones also feature “ergonomically angled earcups” that maximize comfort, along with a foldable design to ensure that they remain portable.

The Beats Solo2 headphones are available to buy from for $199.95.