Scosche boomBottle Plays with Fire, Water


Good grilling isn't just about the right meat, spicy sauce, a hot enough fire and the right adult beverage. It's also necessary to set the proper mood. For that, you're going to need music.

That's one department our Summer Grilling Guyd needs to cover unless you're going to grab a Gibson and serenade your BBQ guests with your own rendition of Living on a Prayer.

For $129.99, Scosche offers a wireless speaker that'll resist the heat of the grill, a spilled drink or splashing pool water. The boomBottle connects via Bluetooth to any equipped computer, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. 

Less than three inches wide and just over eight inches long, the cylindrical boomBottle is deliberately shaped to fit into cup holders and to resemble a can of beer. But, its 33 foot wireless range and ample audio oomph makes it a perfect audio source for outdoor events like your barbecue.

Now, if you're grilling is underway and the flames are licking away at your steaks, the heat can be dangerous to non-insulated electronics like smartphones and tablets. But, do you know what will happen if you throw your boomBottle directing onto that fire? It'll burst into flames and melt. Don't be stupid. However, the armored speaker is heat resistant enough to rest within a couple feet of your grilling work while continuing to function — while your MP3 device won't.

The boomBottle can sit proudly alongside your charcoal and tongs as part of any summer BBQ.