Google Glass Introduces “Nod to Pay” App

The Google Glass continues be a piece of hardware that features hugely ambitious third-party apps created to tailor to a market that doesn't yet exist, and this is none more apparent that with the new 'Eaze' app, which allows customers to pay for items via Bitcoin by nodding their head whilst wearing the Glass.

Eaze, which was announced in February of this year but has entered its beta stages today, claims to be the first global payment solutions app for the Google Glass, allowing owners of the wearable tech to make transactions using simple head movements.


The app solely supports Bitcoin as of the time of this writing, with co-founder Rutger van Zuidam saying that it was “the most easy currency to implement, and the main story is about making payments frictionless.” More currencies are expected to be transferrable using the app in the future.

Payments can be made through Eaze with retailers who accept Bitcoin, who will generate a code that the Google Glass wearer can scan using the glasses. The customer will then need to "nod twice" to accept the payment, at which point the Bitcoins will immediately be transferred across. It's a simple concept, but it's hardly anything that is going to help the Google Glass break into the mainstream market considering the similarly niche demographic that Bitcoin currently appeals to. Perhaps when Eaze supports different currencies it'll make itself more valuable, but at the time of writing we're still far more impressed by Minuum's Google Glass keyboard app.