Unleash Your Inner Rockstar By Finally Learning to Play the Guitar With This 14-Course Training Bundle

After a long week of showing up for Zoom meetings and happy hours, binging on your favorite shows, and ordering more food than you need, do you still find yourself bored? Now’s a great time to pick up that skill you’ve been putting off or simply try something new just because — like learning to play the guitar.

If you’ve decided that some time indoors in the AC will do a body good as coronavirus cases surge, then the Complete Learn to Master the Guitar Bundle is about to become your summer fling. With lifetime access to these 14 fun courses at a 97% discount, you can go from beginner to expert in a matter of weeks or whatever pace suits you. Maybe you’ll become the next Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix (anything seems possible this year!).

This bundle contains lessons on how to sharpen your rhythm skills and learn to strum like a pro. You’ll also be shown what it takes to play Grammy-worthy jazz, blues, and rock music effortlessly. And that’s not even all — you’ll also learn to read and write your own music, identify music pitches easily, and find every note on the guitar. Learning to play the ukulele is an added bonus in the bundle, so you know it’s a complete package.

The Complete Learn to Master the Guitar bundle is the music class you never knew you always wanted to take. The entire package originally retails at $1,386, but you can unleash your inner rockstar at a cool $39.99. You read right: We’re giving you a 97% discount to become the next best guitarist in the business.

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