Naked Intersection Is Underwear at the Corner of Timeless Vintage and Sexy Sustainability

Cover Photo: @christophervonsteinbach (Courtesy of Naked Intersection)

Ladies unmentionables. We’re not supposed to mention it, but the truth is we all enjoy them, whether behind closed doors or away from prying eyes. But not today.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Brooke Majdick of Naked Intersection, a timeless invention with no real location, simply just vintage-styled underwear that’s both effortlessly sexy and modernly sustainable (which is even sexier). This Los Angeles handmade tale is like most: It started out as one thing and quickly evolved into something special. And yet, it’s nothing like the rest.

While Majdick muses radiantly on occasion as both model and photographer to her own masterpieces, her balance between stylish and seductive strikes as consistently as her creation’s confidence and comfort, beautifully complementing the female form instead of obstructing it. Anyone wearing them feels immediately self-assured in their own skin, compelled to endlessly lounge in them from sun up to down, even men. You heard me.

Have a peek under the sheets with the creator of Naked Intersection while you get a long, hard look at Majdick’s marvel: fleur undies that will make you feel like you’re dancing naked across a lily pond. That much is worth mentioning.

Visit Naked Intersection now and try it for yourself.

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