Bearded Out: The 10 Strangest Beards of 2019

Photo: franckreporter (Getty Images)

Beards get a bad wrap. Aspersions like, hipster, wood nymph, and alpine slob are too often bandied about. But the truth is, ladies love beards. And they keep our faces warm. With so many ways to wear a beard, it can be hard to choose the right one. Letting it grow free-range will too often lead to a straggly hobo look that only flies in certain parts of Hollywood. The alternative is to cultivate a specific style that both frames your face and ups your dignified manliness without coming off as pretentious and unnatural.

But is there a place beyond pretension? A place where extreme self-grooming reaches new heights of glory and weirdness? Where the rules of nature itself are tossed aside like an empty Big Gulp? After all, sometimes a basic chin strap or tasteful fade no longer excites us. Sometimes we need to seek out and explore the ragged edge of what’s facially possible. For those men and these moments, here are the most fabulously weird beards of 2019 to inspire you on your next trip to the bathroom cabinet. Life is too damn short not to have the beard you want.

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