Bagels Are A Great Source Of Protein, Says National Chain

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Protein is extremely important. It’s one of the building blocks associated with tissue formation as well as a great source of fuel for your body. Scientists claim that up to 35 percent of our daily food intake should come from protein. This is why we grab protein shakes and energy bars in the morning, to give us the fuel to start the day off right. But, did you know that you don’t even need those fancy chia seed and kale smoothies or Builder Bars? Instead, you can just grab a bagel or two and get the same (if not more) protein. Yes, bagels.

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The next time someone tells you that carbs are bad and that you should have a plain egg white for breakfast instead of that cinnamon raisin bagel, you can tell them to shut their ignorant trap. That’s because, according to Einstein Bros. Bagels, the round, savory, breakfast item we all know and love is a great source of protein.

The well-known bagel chain is launching a new campaign to get the word out on the protein power of bagels. They even tout that every single bagel on their menu is a great source of protein ranging from 9 grams of protein and up (with an average of 10). For those unaware, 9 grams is the equivalent as a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar.

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Our Ham & Swiss breakfast sandwich is the ideal savory combination. Cage-free eggs, juicy ham and melted Swiss cheese. Top it off with your choice of bagel like this extra cheesy Asiago bagel. (📸: @kccheeses)

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“Breakfast provides essential nutrients that can’t be made up for later in the day,” says Registered Dietitian Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN in a press release. “Be sure your first meal includes protein. You don’t have to search hard to do so. Some of your favorite breakfast items, like bagels, are already a great source of protein.”

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Instead of making that fancy avocado toast with egg whites tomorrow, just grab a bagel and be on your way. It’s a lot less work and has the protein to get your day started right. Better yet, get a bagel with eggs, cheese, and sausage, and feel good about yourself in the process.